I have a strong connection to the natural creations found on our planet Earth and respect the tremendous beauty of gems, crystals, and the nature's art.  

Fiore Wylde is a line of jewelry that is meant to spark interest, captivate your inner being and surround you with the vibrations of thousands of year old gems.  I’m endlessly inspired by curiosities and botanicals, and I spend countless hours hunting for inspirations in nature, which I translate into the collection. I honor craftsmanship, integrity, quality and empower my clients to surround themselves with the art and pieces that fill their hearts.

When I was a little girl, my grandpa, Fiore, and namesake for my brand, taught me how to drill holes into rocks, shells and sticks so that I could string them on a cord making my first jewelry pieces. I continued crafting my skills for years to come.

I spent my 20’s in New York City designing and directing collections of jewelry for fashion houses such as Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Ippolita, Alexis Bittar, and Larkspur & Hawk. After 13 years and a lifetime of experiences, I moved to Colorado to be surrounded by the mountains.