Custom One-of-a-Kind

Custom One-of-a-kind work a dream. I enjoy the collaboration and the desire to create something unique, original, and perfectly fitting for the client.  I can work with your ideas, your stones, and you wants and together we make magic!

Step 1: The process starts with a simple conversation about what you are looking for, what you like, and what gems you are drawn to. I always begin with a brainstorming session.

Step 2: I use this information to develop and present you with 3-6 concepts. From here, we choose a specific direction.  I will then present 2-3 final designs. We will be sure to tie up all loose ends and make sure you are getting exactly what you want before moving forward.

Step 3: Design Deposit is collected.  Once the design is approved, we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to bring the piece to life based on our specifics. Once the CAD design and the stones are approved, I will provide the final cost.

Step 4: Lastly, I will create your piece and deliver it in 3-5 weeks.